Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of CEA?

If you think your business could benefit from having an additional level of top salespeople, CEA may be right for your company.  We are an exclusive group of businesses represented by top executives who exchange information, ideas and leads to help grow each other’s businesses.

Through our weekly breakfast meetings, you’ll become part of a close-knit organization focused on increasing member business, marketing opportunities and sales. Our meetings enable you to discuss, display and demonstrate the advantages of your products and services to decision-makers. You’ll also have a forum to discuss any business problems with knowledgeable business people who take an interest in your company.  Attendance at CEA meetings is the key to exposure—and success.

Why should my company join CEA instead of another networking group?

Once a business joins CEA, they tend to stay with CEA—for years. We have members who have been part of CEA for 5, 10, even 15 years.  One key difference between CEA and other networking groups is that our members are owners, top executives and decision-makers within their respective organizations. These business leaders wouldn’t be joining CEA year after year if they weren’t seeing the return on their investment. Like you, our members are bottom line oriented people who expect results.

Other networking groups seem to cost less than CEA. What’s the difference?

You’re probably familiar with the expression “you get what you pay for.” That certainly applies to CEA. Our members take their role in CEA seriously.  They attend our weekly meetings, actively participate on our Board, and take pride in sharing leads both within the group and outside of it to generate sales for members. Dollar for dollar, CEA delivers more value than other networking groups because of  the involvement of our members and the key roles they play within their own organizations. 

What is expected of a CEA member?

  • Attend weekly breakfast meetings
  • Encourage and solicit business from member firms
  • Provide business opportunities and leads to other member firms
  • Recommend member firms to your business associates, employees, family and friends
  • Visit the businesses of member firms to learn how you might be able to help each other

What if I can’t make every weekly meeting?

We’re business people too, so we understand that things come up. For those times when you can’t attend a CEA meeting,  we recommend you consider an alternate member who can attend as a qualified backup. Alternate members are also approved by the CEA board and must be a key member of your company with decision-making powers. This maintains the owner/principal/manager atmosphere in our weekly meetings, and ensures that leads can be exchanged unimpeded.

How can my company become a member?

A member of CEA must recommend your company for consideration.
Membership is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification.
Each classification is protected and competition between members is practically non-existent.
A member can invite you to two of our meetings as a guest at no cost to you.

If you decide your company would like to join CEA, you will complete an application and submit a $300 membership fee, which will be refunded if your application is not approved, and a $70 non-refundable background check fee.
As a routine part of the application process, we run a credit check on your business.
Once approved, dues of $285 are payable quarterly.