Scott Sherwin

Board Member – Mentoring Chair

President of SalesMastery Consultants, Sandler Training

Scott SherwinScott Sherwin began his career as a sales professional in 1984.  Quickly succeeding in entry-level positions, Scott’s keen understanding of the “art of the sale” propelled him into senior level sales positions in the insurance industry. Earning a reputation as an award-winning sales person, Scott supported business development efforts for companies including Employers Insurance of Texas, Kaiser Permanente and Aetna.

After 23 years of a thriving sales occupation, Scott decided his efforts would be most impactful by teaching and mentoring others how to flourish with a unique approach to selling. Scott became an authorized licensee of the Sandler Training®, with its outstanding worldwide reputation, and opened his own sales training business in 2004, SalesMastery Consultants Inc. With proven experience in non-traditional selling approaches through on-going training and reinforcement, Scott offers any size sales force effective training solutions for revenue growth.

Scott is involved in many area associations and local Chambers of Commerce, educating their members on developing a professional selling culture, fixing their sales people and teaching them how to become remarkable. He has also served as keynote speaker for organizations, communicating his message across the country. Scott has written countless articles regarding successful selling and has been published in the Fort Worth Business Press, the Star-Telegram, and other local and national industry magazines. Scott is an active member of the community and holds leadership positions in both professional and non-profit organizations, serving on committees and boards.

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